Terms and Conditions

To ensure your appearance goes as magically as possible, please read carefully our terms and conditions which are a binding agreement between Princess Perfection and the customers whose name it is booked under.


​ 1- Princess Perfection will book the character/performer requested and do our upmost to keep this but we have the right to change the performer attending your event due to unforeseen circumstances out of our control.

2- The Price quoted for all our packages is for a maximum number of guests. If numbers are more, this is to be agreed with prior discussion and additional performers will need to be booked accordingly. If additional children are at the booking that has not been agreed prior, Princess Perfection has the right to add an additional charge at the end of the booking.

3- To secure your booking, a £10 pound deposit needs to be made and the rest of the payment is to be given to the performer on the day of the booking.

4- In the event that you have to cancel your booking, the £10 deposit will not be refunded. You must give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation or you may still be required to pay the full remaining balance.

5- Our Performer stays in full character throughout their performance and we therefore require that the organiser is responsible for the children’s welfare at the party including behaviour and safety of the children.

6- Princess Perfection will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour and the performer has the right to leave if they are being treated inappropriately at the party- payment will not be refunded in this case.

7- It is the organiser’s responsibility to pay for any damages to equipment or costumes that incur whilst at the booking. We take no responsibility for loss or damages not caused by ourselves.

8- The performer/hosts will NOT be alone with the children, please ensure the appropriate number of adults is present at the party for safeguarding reasons.

9- In the unfortunate event that we have to cancel your booking completely, we will issue a full refund. This is very unlikely to happen.

10- It is the organiser’s responsibility to ensure the children at the party can have their photograph taken. Please inform us if any children attending the party are not to be used in our promotional materials e.g. Facebook/website/flyers etc.

11- The Performer will arrive and leave at the exact time stated in the booking. If you wish for them to arrive earlier before the guests, then please book additional time for this. If there is a delay for any reason then you will be contacted on the number you have provided. Please have your phone ready prior to the start of the party booking time as your performer will call when they have arrived outside the venue.

12- Fuel charges may apply for some bookings. This will be dependent on location and will be discussed at the time of booking. Please ensure there is an allocated parking space kept for the performer as close to the venue as possibly as this could possibly delay the performer’s arrival. Parking must also be paid for if it is not free at your chosen venue.

13- It is your responsibility as the organiser to ensure no one is allergic to the Glitter Tattoos used (Temporary Tattoo Store) and other products that will be used- and permission has been given to use nail varnish.

14- It is at the discretion of the performer to change activities accordingly based on time, space and responses of the children particularly for younger children.

15- If there is something in particular you wish to do please advise us beforehand. ​ We will be in touch with you prior to your booking. If there are any changes to your booking please update us as soon as possible. If there is a change of details to the original booking we cannot guarantee that we can automatically carry this out as we would need to check availability etc. ​


Thank you for booking with Princess Perfection.

© 2016 by Princess Perfection.

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